April 2003

The party starts here. The first blue frog opens on what would become Shanghais beloved and infamous party street, Maoming Road.

July 2003

A legend is born. Todd Pearson becomes the first to finish the blue frog 100 Shots Challenge, securing his legacy as the first blue frog Wall of Famer.

August 2003

blue frog goes to countryside, Jinqiao opens.

August 2005

An historical factory building is transformed into blue frog Hongmei.

June 2006

blue frog goes to the mall and adds al fresco dining to Super Brand Mall.

October 2006

Daning gets revitalized with its own blue frog.

August 2007

What a deal! blue frog introduces its ravenously popular burger-burger promotion.

October 2007

Bustling Xujiahui gets a slick underground blue frog at the heart of Shanghais shopping mecca.

June 2008

Taking it to the capital! A family-friendly blue frog at Beijings Euro Plaza opens with a splash, featuring play stations for the kids and an outdoor bar for the adults.

August 2008

The Beijing Olympics opening day also sees a blue frog opening in the hip Sanlitun area in Beijing.

August 2009

blue frog goes vertical. A new frog opens, nestled in the towering World Financial Center, Shanghais largest and most iconic building.

May 2011

blue frog goes to the park with the opening of blue frog at Kerry Parkside, Pudong.

March 2012

blue frog at U-Town in Beijing opened in March 2012.

July 2012

blue frog Indigo opens its doors, our third Beijing location

August 2012

blue frog Mao Ming reluctantly and sadly leaves the stage due to the Mao Ming Road reconstruction. Its going away party brings together hundreds of old and new friends to say goodbye to their favorite local spot.

November 2012

The frog brings its good food, good drinks and good times to a new city! With a total of 10 restaurants in Beijing and Shanghai, blue frog launches its latest addition in Nanjing.

March 2014

The first blue frog opens in Wuxi thats located in Center 66.

April 2014

blue frog re-launches our Super Brand Mall location in Shanghai. New refurbishments include new decorations and al fresco dining.

May 2014

Its an all new blue frog Sanlitun, with new decorations and a unique al fresco dining,

May 2014

It feels like home in Jiangsu. The 3rd blue frog, Aqua City, opens in Jiangsu.

June 2014

blue frog Infinity comes to People Square, Shanghai, bringing more happiness and fun to blue frog fans.

September 2014

The taste of the city but in the suburbs, a new blue frog Fashion Park opens its doors in a relaxing suburb of Shanghai.

September 2014

With just a hop, skip, and a jump from Beijing, the first blue frog has opened in Tianjin.

September 2014

Feel the wave, blue frog Ocean International opens our fourth location in Beijing.

January 2015

blue frog  comes to Southwest China, and its right in Chengdu.

May 2015

We takes blue frog to the northeast. It opens in the fun-filled sea-side city of Dalian.

May 2015

blue frog comes home to Shanghai with our new location at the 96 Plaza.

May 2015

blue frog Skymall opens in a new bustling area of Shanghai that really brings classic western food and lifestyle.

June 2015

The new blue frog The Place is settled in the middle of the business district. Its conveniently located next to many office buildings for all of blue frog fans.

June 2015

blue frog opens its doors for the first time in Chongqing at the hip shopping mall the Mixc.

August 2015

blue frog opens in Chamtime Plaza. It's a new place for enjoying life. 

Novemeber 2015

blue frog opens its doors for second time in Chongqing, bringing more happiness and fun to blue frog fans.

January 2016

The second blue frog comes to Tianjin Joy City with great welcome.

June 2016

A landmark in the blue frog journey, the magical new blue frog @ Disneytown swings opens its doors.

June 2016

The perfect place to celebrate with your nearest and dearest at any time of the day at blue frog BINGO PLAZA in Shanghai.

July 2016

blue frog is happy to open at Shanghai Baoshan District, Diyifang, with the customers' praise.

October 2016

The third blue frog venue in Nanjing is happy to open at Nanjing KINGMO, welcome for your coming!

November 2016

The new blue frog venue in Shanghai at Hengfeng Rd.brings more fashion experience and tasty food to you.

December 2016

In order to bring a better environment and experience to all the friends of blue frog, the Hongmei venue decide to suspension of service at the end of November.

December 2016

blue frog brings casual Western dining to Mix City Mall - opening Chinas favourite neighbourhood bar and restaurant in Hangzhou.December 2016Chinas favorite neighborhood restaurant and bar - blue frog looks forward to extending its namesake hospitality to Hangzhou patrons by serving up casual dining offerings to locals and tourists alike.

January 2017

blue frog now opens in Shanghai Wujiaochang Wanda, it is blue frog's 17th venue in Shanghai.

March 2017

The fifth blue frog in Beijing opens in China World. Outstanding view from terrace in blue frog is welcoming.

April 2017

A pair of lovers make a proposal in blue frog Xikang Rd. venue on the first day for the opening.

April 2017

The first blue frog opened in Shenzhen Wongtee Plaza. The 100 shots legend continues.

May 2017

The first blue frog opened in Wuhan Tiandi. Also the fortieth blue frog venue introduced to the public.

June 2017

blue frog open in Shenzhen Raffles. The special decorations are attractive to Shenzhen people.

July 2017

New blue frog opened in Beijing Zhongguancun. A new fashionable location was born in Beijing.

September 2017

The third blue frog now opens in Hangzhou, the  wave of American bar and grill ripples through Hangzhou again, blue frog looks forward to have fun with more customers.

October 2017

New blue frog opened in a new shopping mall Shenzheng Wongtee Plaza, that will bring your leisure time more fun.

November 2017

The first blue frog in Suzhou opened at Suzhou Center, blue frog looks forward to bring you different experience.